Preventive Maintenance

Visually inspecting and reviewing an installation is the most straightforward inspection method: it ensures measures for preventing (further) damage can be taken timely. (e.g. a door of a field cabinet that doesn’t close well creates a risk of water intake)

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All hardware has the tendency to deteriorate, and to show signs of wear after a certain time – this is especially true for hardware with moving components. Timely controlling and servicing is crucial here. We can perform this on-site or remotely, depending the components.

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Regular check up’s of PC’s (both for hardware and software) is key: servers and client PC’s all show decreasing performance over time. This can be caused by temporary files, corrupted files, fragmented disks, but also by viruses. Even dust and dirt can cause PC’s to stop working properly. Avalon offers a full service of all project-related PC’s.

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Overall, your entire installation tends to slow down, or work less then perfect. Through periodic check-ups, we statistically analyse alarms and alarm frequencies. These analysis are evaluated with the maintenance service, with whom we develop an action plan for minimizing alarm occurances.

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