This is the area of PLC’s and industrial PC’s, in combination with visualisation/SCADA.

Controls software ensures the effective supervision of your devices (valves, engines), based on obtained input (measurements, sensors).

Avalon’s proven controls software ensures full automatic supervision, simplifying not only processes but also alarming, which in turn guarantees your security.

Our SCADA interface is renown for its extreme user-friendly control.

Avalon Automation has a very vast experience in programming and implementing controls software and SCADA interfaces.

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  • 126Programmable Automation Controllers
  • CompactLogix / ControlLogix
  • Flex-I/O 1794-series (ControlNet/DeviceNet/Profibus)
  • Flex-EX-I/O 1797-series (intrinsically safe area)
  • Point-I/O / Point-Guard-I/O / SLC5/05
  • RS Logix 500/5000
  • FactoryTalk
  • e.a.

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98Through the use of badges one can simply couple data of at the installation (driver…) with data from the database. This way one can simply set up a system of tracking and tracing.

There are different techniques:

  • RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification): Identification with radio waves. This is a method to store and read information on a distance of so-called RFID-“tags that are put on or in objects.
  • Wiegand
  • Proximity

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beckhoff_TWINCAT_PCBeckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology.
The industrial PC with high performance, in association with the Twincat PLC/NC software solution and the fieldbus-independent bus terminals offer a complete solution for process and machine automation.

Beckhoff system modules:

  • Terminal I/O-modules
  • Embedded PC
  • Profibus-DP (copper and fiberoptic) couplers/controllers
  • EtherNet-TCP/IP bus controllers
  • etc.


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16Avalon Automation carries out the selection, purchase, installation and commissioning of your drive systems.
These components can also be incorporated in your automation.
VLT 2800 / VLT 6000 / VLT 5000 / FC 300 / FC 200 / …
VFX40 / VFX48 / MSF 2.0 / …
ACS low/medium voltage AC-drives …
Powerflex series …
X200 / L100M / L200 / L300P / SJ100 / SJ300 / SJ700
Micro Master / Midi Master / Simovert …
Altistart / Altivar …
3G3JX / 3G3MX / 3G3RX …

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104A lot of installations still use Siemens-Orsi Historian (former ‘Cube’), here Avalon Automation is your pronounced partner. Our employees have years of experience in this software and hardware:

  • SCADA and programs: We can still support we and extend those. By our wide experience we can certainly solve your questions.
  • Controllers: Currently OPMC004 is implemented.

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without obligation.

Link: Historian – Siemens OpenPMC
Link: Historian – Siemens OpenPMC news

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  • 13Profibus is an international open field bus-standard and offers the possibility to communicate with a broad pallet of automation equipment .
    PLC’s, PC’s, desks, sensors and actuators communicate by means of a standard interface.
  • Industrial Ethernet is an adapted form of ethernet, making it suitable for industrial applications.
  • OPC is open connectivity by means of open standards.
    It is a solution for a need, like printer drivers are a solution on your PC.
    By means of OPC different systems, such as PLC, SCADA, MES, etc. can be coupled with each other in a simple way.
  • To couple existing equipment, machines, different parts of an installation, or even, to connect specific measuring equipment we also use serial communication: RS232, RS422, RS485.

Hereby a list of all fieldbus systems we support:
Profibus-DP / EtherNet TCP-IP / Interbus / CANopen / ControlNet / ProfiNet / USB / DeviceNet / Modbus / RS485 / RS232 / RS422 / Lightbus / FIP-I/O / CAN-CAL / EtherCat…

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14Pilz offers you solutions which monitor and control your machine or installation in a safe and economic way. Standard control tasks included.


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Software developers at Avalon Automation have many years of experience in programming Siemens S5, S7 and also PCS7 applications.
So Avalon Automation can assist you in migration projects of S5 to S7, but certainly also in your new PLC projects.
These PLC-programs can be stand-alone, or can be coupled with each possible SCADA. We like to carry out this kind of tasks for you.

We have a lot of experience with a wide range of PLC’s:

Siemens PLC’s:

  • S7-200 / S7-300 / S7-400 / S7-1200
  • ET200B / ET200L / ET200M / ET200S / ET200iSP
  • etc.

General Electric:

  • Fanuc series 90-30
  • etc.

Phoenix Contact:

  • Inline series IB IL
  • etc.


  • Melsec series Q2AS / FX1S / FX2N
  • MT
  • etc.


  • Serie 200V

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7zenOn is the HMI/SCADA system of Copa-Data, entirely based on the newest
technology. zenOn provides the standard tasks of SCADA:

  • controls
  • processing alarms
  • historical trending

All this in a very user-friendly manner, based on a firm technical basis. Moreover a lot of extra’s are available:

  • connectivity with Twincat
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11
  • vertical integration
  • text-to-speech module

zenOn has already been applied in a lot of projects in different sectors of the industry:

  • automotive
  • machine construction
  • energy
  • facilities
  • water
  • pharmacy

Link: zenOn –

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