Avalon Automation sells and installs all devices necessary to reflect and manage the content of your tanks.

We distribute Rosemount-products.
A high quality of equipment, placed by trained staff, guarantees a correct tank-inventory.

We look after the complete route, even the calibration certificate of your tanks,
including the approval for economic traffic.

Link: Rosemount Tank Radar


Instrumentation et tank-gauging

TankRadar® Rex – The King of Level Gauges
TankRadar® Rex has been invented for refineries, tank terminals and the petrochemical industry.
It is a high accurate system for economic transports, process control, inventory and high level detection.
The TankRadar® Rex level measurement has an instrument precision of ± 0.5 mm
The TankRadar® Rex can be equipped with several interface cards in order to connect to each existing system.

The TankRadar® Rex is available with a full range of antennae for several applications. The electronics and housing are identical for all radars of series 3900.

Link: Tankradar® Rex


Average temperature probe.

The high quality – and reliable multiple spot thermometer (MST) measures temperature with several PT100 spot elements placed on several altitudes. Thereby a temperature profile and an average temperature are made available. In function of the level, elements are included or excluded in the average calculation..
The spots are places in a gas dense flexible tube made of stainless steel.
The MST is simple to install, even if the tank is already in use. The MST can also be placed in a well if the tank is under pressure. Then maintenance or inspection is possible at all time.
At LPG tanks only spot thermometers are used in a well.

A water sensor WLS can be incorporated in the MST.

Link: Multiple Spot Thermometer MST


TankRadar® PRO is used for reliable level and volume measurement in refineries and process industry.

TankRadar Pro with its sophisticated signal processing entity is suitable for both stand-alone and large-scale installations.
The TankRadar Pro is available in four versions:
Lite, Standard, Gold and Platinum.
There are also additional software modules available to use with the Pro to guarantee optimum performances at several applications.

Link: TankRadar® Pro


For the complete follow-up of your terminal.

TankMaster® is a powerful Windows based HMI for your complete tank inventory management.
TankMaster® is used for configuration, service and setup, inventory and economic transfer functions for TankMaster® Rex systems.

All calculation is based on current API and ISO standards. TankMaster® follows the OPC standard and communicates with Microsoft programs and OPC compatible systems.

TankMaster® establishes ‘ customized ‘ views with graphic plant layouts and sophisticated group configuration in geographical and product oriented groups available.
User management with several access levels for staff is implemented.
TankMaster® has two main software modules:
WinSetup is the software which is used for the configuration of the total Rex system. WinOpi is the complete inventory software parcel.
TankMaster® supports a full range of protocols and control room emulations.

Link: TankMaster® Opi


With TankMaster.net we change the way in which you perform your inventory.
Now it is time for sophisticated time-saving advantages converting to company advantages and customer services.

TankMaster.net is the web version of TankMaster.

TankMaster.net monitors your terminal inventory on protected websites.
As from this site the information is put available to customers, suppliers, business management and others by means of the Internet or intranet.
Tank volumes, levels, temperatures and other dates are shown in a user-friendly manner in a standard browser, as well as operations, historical events, trending, etc.
Of course the users receive a unique login and password and are only possible to look at their own tanks.
The benefits are multiple

  • added value for customers
  • real time control for the business management

Link: TankMaster.Net
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